Planet Industries Inc


Our Mission

“To provide our customers unparalleled decorated products with a “can do”, hassle-free experience.”

Our Business

Planet Industries began in 1997 as a marketing company selling its Planet Extreme brand to major retailers throughout the United States. Its customer list included Nordstrom, Macy’s, JC Penney, Sears, May Company and numerous retail boutiques. The Planet Extreme brand depicted extreme sports graphics on high-end t-shirt fabrics. Graphics included cool depictions of skateboarders, in-line-skaters, BMX bikers, rock climbers, as well as more traditional sports like soccer, basketball, baseball, and football. Each graphic was accompanied by a pithy phrase.

As a result of the success of the Planet Extreme brand, Planet Industries started its own screen printing operation, which was formerly handled by outside contractors. The company, as it exists today, is an outgrowth of the original marketing company.

The experience we gained in marketing,  graphic design creation, screen printing application techniques, and dealing with high-end retailers who have the strictest product packaging standards, quality control requirements,  accounting,  and shipping compliance requirements . . . enables us to give our customers a level of quality and service unlike any other.

Our Philosophy

We believe that there is only one “king” in our business and that is our customer.

We believe in “nth degree’ service. This means that we service our customers without limits. There is NOTHING we won’t do to satisfy our customers’ requirements!