Your Digital Art is the key to Exceptional Print Quality


Digital Art Requirements

  • Submit digital art as either:
    file (preferred) using Adobe Illustrator with file extensions of .eps, .ai, or an .eps file that is embedded in a PDF file)
    RASTER file with file extensions of .psd, .eps, .tif, or .jpg at 300 DPI at actual size and razor sharp in appearance.  Note: submitted art not separated by color (unless for a 4 Color Process job) may be subject to additional charges.
  • Fonts and text must be converted to OUTLINES, PATHS, or CURVES.
  • In addition, please submit a PDF or JPG image of the design which we will use as the benchmark to compare to your submitted art files. We are not responsible for the quality of art submitted. But, we will make every effort to notify you when your art does not meet our minimum requirements, which sometimes is not evident until the job is on the press. Screen printing is an art, not an exact science, and often trial and error produces the best results.
  • For each design being printed on the garment, your Purchase Order must contain confirmation of the following information:
    • Image width
    • Placement location (e.g. full front, left chest, full back, upper back, right sleeve, left sleeve, etc.)
    • PMS color for each art element in the design
  • You will be sent a free proof of your art on a garment template which will show the relative positioning of the art on the garment, the width of the design, and all PMS colors to be printed. We cannot proceed with production until we have a fax or e-mail approval of this proof.